Apply to become a Trader

Classic is a wholesale business and is, accordingly, not open to the general public. Our policy is to limit access strictly to traders who buy our wares for purposes of resale, not own use or consumption. Should you wish to purchase from Classic as a trader we will provide the necessary account application which can be provided to you by the relevant regional manager contact.

  1. Card
    1. Your Classic buying card entitles you to enter our store during regular working hours.
    2. The card is issued to a named individual, or enterprise, and we reserve the right to deny entry to anyone other than either the specific individual, or someone who we know to be an official representative of the enterprise.
    3. As an official customer you are entitled to be accompanied by a colleague (or two) when shopping at Classic. Our policy though is to admit no more than three persons on any one card, in order to avoid store congestion.
    4. We reserve the right to revoke the Classic card, and the right to shop at the store:
      1. if the official holder lends it out to any unauthorized person
      2. or where it appears that the customer concerned is buying stock mainly for personal use rather than resale.
  2. Returns
    1. Classic does not sell on a “Sale or Return” basis. We are however fully mindful of our responsibilities in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, and stand by our wares to the extent required by the said law. If you are unhappy with any item purchased in our store, please bring this to the attention of our manager – together with the invoice that confirms the original purchase – and you will get a suitable, considered response.
  3. Payment
    1. Payment can be made either in cash, or by way of a credit or debit card.Candidate customers please note that in order to qualify to receive a Classic card, we require a first-time purchase of not less than R2 000.
    2. Any cardholder whose annual purchases fall below R6 000 will have their card automatically cancelled.
  4. Marketing
    1. We issue a brochure each month to our favoured customers. In order to qualify to receive this brochure (either by post or email) a purchase level aggregating over R4 000 during the immediately preceding rolling six month period must be maintained.
  5. Safety & Security
    1. Persons entering these premises do so at their own risk.
    2. Due to the constant movement of forklift trucks within the aisles it is strongly recommended that children not be brought into the store. Should this not be possible, then we must request that small children be kept in a shopping trolley or carried, and that all children are under adult supervision at all times. All customers bringing children into the store will be required to fill out an indemnity form.
    3. Should anyone be found tampering with merchandise we reserve the right to ask them to leave the store.
    4. Management has the unfettered right to control access to the premises.

To apply for your account please contact your nearest branch

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